La plattafurma da communicaziun uffiziala per la festa naziunala svizra!

Embassy of Switzerland in Romania

Imni naziunal


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Ans suandai!

Happy 1st of August !

Dear Swiss Citizens and friends of Switzerland,

Last year the situation didn’t allow us to celebrate the Swiss National Day face-to-face. Nevertheless, we organized a virtual meeting for the Swiss community in Romania. This year, our Embassy together with the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania and the Swiss Club in Romania are pleased to organize a Swiss evening with national dishes, such as Raclette and tasty sausages, on August 1st. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

On this page, our embassy wants to share with you a brief retrospect of the activities conducted by our communication team through a few videos. Discover how Romanians love the French language, the link between Max Frisch and the Romanian literature as well as the excitement of the Romanian supporters for the historical football game Switzerland-France hosted in Bucharest!

In addition, through this website, you will also have the opportunity to experience how the various Swiss representations abroad celebrate this special day, to hear some Swiss sounds and music, as well as to try national culinary recipes. Enjoy and happy national day!

The Embassy of Switzerland in Bucharest


Francophonie 2021 in Romania

Max Frisch and Romania

Euro 2020: Switzerland-France in Bucharest


Gallaria da fotografias

Parter la 'Missiun 1. d'avust'

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