One thing you definitely need for the festivities on August 1st is a traditional home-made Swiss National Day lantern.


  • Decoration

(05) Paper lantern

Made of red and white paper, the paper lantern gives off a lovely light effect for your interior or exterior. Be as creative as you like!


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Handicraft materials

Craft tissue paper or tracing paper

Round cheese box




(LED) tea light

Step 1

Fold the paper in half so that you have two layers. Cut it to a length that fits once around the cheese box, overlapping slightly. The height of the paper will determine the height of your paper lantern.

Step 2

Unfold the paper and apply glue to the inside lower edge. Then paste the folded paper together.

Step 3

Apply glue around the edge of the cheese box base and stick the paper around it. 

Step 4

Cut a large circle out of the cheese box lid and paste the other end of the paper around the lid.

Step 5

Apply glue along the edge of the paper and paste the two ends together.

Step 6

Now you can decorate your lantern. For example, you can make Swiss crosses out of white paper and stick them to the lantern. Or just use your imagination!

Step 7

Using the scissors, carefully make two small holes opposite each other at the top of the lantern. You can then pull the wire through these holes to make the lantern holder. 

Step 8

Carefully tie one end of the wire around each of the holes.

Step 9

Your paper lantern is now ready for you to place a tea light in it. It’s a good idea to use a flameless LED tea light so there’s no risk of fire.